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Lamenting and Hoping

Greetings, it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. Today I wanted to present a poem/message by my lovely wife, Danielle Unger. I hope that it encourages as well as challenges you.

May 30, 2020

Lamenting & Hoping

I feel the weight of the fall much heavier than before.
As Latin America is declared the new hotspot for the Corona virus I feel grief,

Grief from the systemic disparities that led to this unwanted title,
Declared champs in a match they never agreed to fight.
Housing inequalities, underdeveloped public health system, poor infrastructure and economic struggles,

all behind the scenes actors, or perhaps marionettes, being danced about by the “prince of the powers of the air,” whom everything he touches he seeks to devour.

I feel the heaviness of a once proud and ravenous racism who has since quieted himself into a calm and docile housepet,
convincing many that he no longer exists, even as he slithers into every corner and every system of our society, whispering into the ears of all who are willing to hear his voice.

I feel.. I feel… I feel…

I feel sadness for the many whom society has silently taught that “what God has said in Genesis 1:26 doesn’t apply to you. Image bearer? Don’t view yourself as such. And while you’re at it, get rid of Psalm 139: 14; that aint for you either.”

I feel the overwhelm of unrighteous anger, it’s rotten fruit coming into full bloom,
gnashing teeth, cities ablaze, hissing tongues and livelihoods destroyed,
All the while Jesus has said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”

Our wrath will never bring about the righteousness of God.

I feel broken as I consider the injustices that have led to this boiling point of fury: chained and afraid, separated and torn, delivered as chattel, freed but still unwanted,
not trusted,
Burned and noosed, denied and excluded, demeaned and oppressed for far too long.

I feel the fingerprint of the evil one behind every faulty world system, author of lies, who only knows how to steal, kill and destroy.
Like a best kept secret, he would hate for you to comprehend, that it’s never been with flesh and blood whom we fight, but since day one with rulers,
With authorities,
with cosmic powers,
And spiritual forces of evil,
in the heavenly places they are but heavenly they are not.

I feel the legacy of Adam, the sentence of Genesis 3, I groan along with creation waiting for redemption’s at last realization…

I feel… I feel… I feel…

Oh, but then I feel
my hands beginning to raise,
To praise the Man of Sorrows,
Who bore our trespasses and sin,
And who sympathizes with our every weakness.
In His flesh, He allowed Himself to experience the brokenness of the world,
And didn’t insulate Himself from feeling the effects of the Curse.
He was touched by poverty, knew rejection all too well, the sting of betrayal He surely felt.
His eyes were not spared from witnessing sickness ravish the human frame, nor was His understanding kept from comprehending the tragic scene of sin on the human soul.

I feel my heart leap with gratitude to the God who has yet to withdraw
His Holy Spirit from the world.
Yes, turmoil runs rampant, but full and unrestrained evil this land has yet to experience.
His presence is still ever present, and that means there’s still time,
time to surrender to Jesus.
Hear His voice and come to Him today.

I feel like rejoicing as I contemplate the Spirit who blows
invisible like the wind,
Enables each to be transformed,
both oppressor and oppressed, seals us then gives us
the grace to love,
the grace to forgive,
the grace to walk through this life in a way that honors our King.

I feel a sense of awe as I look upon the God of wonders who redeems from the pit,
The God of mercy who has loved on His fallen creation,
Sending us a Savior,
the Better Adam, the one true Answer.
Ransoming for Himself a people of every tribe, every tongue and every nation
New creations reconciled to God then to each other.
What He is forming is a redeemed unity,
a people made equal as they kneel down before the cross,
then bonded by spiritual ties that overwhelm our distinctions.
One faith, one
Lord, one baptism…

I feel… I feel… I feel… Hope. Restored.

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